Did you know that Stuart hosts the WMNF Radio Show they call "The Basement"?
​Here is some more information about Tampa Bays' Expat DJ and the show.

Everything is up for grabs in the Basement.  Primarily a rock/blues driven show with occasional weirdness thrown in.  So come down to the Basement, have seat in the old armchair with more duct tape than original fabric and enjoy 3-hours of great music.

Thursdays 3:00am - 6:00am
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It’s 3:00AM and everyone else but us are passed out or asleep and we’re down in the basement listening to our record collection. There’s not much down here in the basement.  Just some beat up old furniture, a black light and a Led Zeppelin poster but we do have a great sound system and a huge collection of records and CDs.  We’ll check out 70s/80s British rock, 80s new wave, old faves and new releases.

Like most people at WMNF, Stuart is a radio and music junkie. He started listening to Pirate Radio in 1960's England where he grew up and later the new BBC Radio One and the always edgy Radio Luxemburg. After moving to the USA Stuart attended Virginia Tech and was a DJ for WUVT, the college radio station. After moving to St Petersburg in 1986 he quickly discovered WMNF which was a welcome respite from the wasteland of commercial radio. Stuart can frequently be found in the bars and clubs of St Pete listening to local musicians and always features local acts on his show.

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