Tampa Bay British expats

We can be a social bunch.

With the large number of British Expats in the Tampa Bay area there are usually several organised events held every month and they can be as simple as a quiz night at a local British Pub or a Black Tie Screening of the newest James Bond film. 

​​Saint Davids Day Celebration March 1st at The Moon
It's time again to visit one of the only establishments in Tampa Bay that flies the Welsh Dragon year round, The Moon Under Water at 332 Beach Drive NE, Saint Petersburg FL.

If you have not been to this vibrant and extremely satisfying Colonial British restaurant before you are in for a treat. Their traditional British fare and their spicy curries keep bringing people back.

We have the Snug Room booked from 6pm - 8 or perhaps even later. Bonus points if you wear a Welsh outfit and we are sure certain people will not let the opportunity get by.

We suggest you valet the car just south of the restaurant or perhaps take advantage of some of the near by parking garages as Beach Drive is the place to be for an evening soiree even on a Wednesday night.

The almost brilliant British born chef at the Moon (his choice of football teams gives him that almost title) has supplied some great menu chioces for this special occasion (yes the regular menu is available too) that include;
Lamb Burger with British Cheddar and Steak Fries for only $12 
Slow cooked Lamb shank in a mint and mustard gravy with red potatoes and vegetables for just $24 
Also on the menu is Leek Soup and Welsh Cakes with Ice Cream (not in the same bowl unless requested).

Sign up at http://tampabaybritish.info/

The Tampa ExPat App
If like many you are using your phone more and more to check the interweb our handy web based app that doesn't steal precious memory from your device is right here. ​http://tampabaybritish.info/

Meetup.com/TampaBayBritish is usually the go-to place for the larger more formal events and you might see many references to this group throughout this site.


Facebook.com/TampaBayBritish is our Facebook page where some find it easier to post listings for smaller gatherings and also for last minute shindigs.


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